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The Art & Culture Development Project focuses on bringing Roma arts closer to the mainstream art landscape in the UK.


Roma Bridging Sounds Orchestra

We launched The Roma Bridging Sounds Orchestra in 2014. This is a pioneering music initiative aiming to promote tolerance and combat anti-Roma prejudice by enhancing awareness of Roma music heritage in East London and beyond.

See our video about the orchestra:

The Project builds bridges between Roma and non-Roma: young musicians, professional musicians and audiences and is delivered in collaboration with our partners, e.g. Newham Academy of Music, Newham Music Hub, Grand Union Youth Orchestra, etc.

The Roma Bridging Sounds Orchestra engages children and young people from age 8 to 25.

Tania Gessi, Art Project Coordinator, explains more about the project on our separate page and you can read about how the project is making a difference in this article published in the Guardian and these articles in the Newham Recorder.

The orchestra rehearsals are free and take place at the Chobham Academy, Stratford. Funding from the Arts Council England and Rayne Foundation has ensured that the programme will last for two years.

In 2014 the Roma Support Group commissioned Sound Connections to produce an Evaluation Report on the progress of the Bridging Sounds Project.

For further details please contact us on 07949 089 778 or email:

See photos of the orchestra on our Flickr pages.

Transcriptions of some of the pieces played by the orchestra are also available.


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