Welcome to the Roma Support Group

The Roma Support Group is a Roma-led Registered Charity (Charity No: 1103782) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company Registration Number 4645981) working with East European Roma refugees and migrants. Since 1998, we have been working with thousands of Roma families, offering them a variety of services; engaging the Roma community in all aspects of running and managing the organisation and promoting an understanding of Roma culture in the UK.

Our mission

The mission of the Roma Support Group is to improve the quality of life for Roma refugees and migrants by helping them to overcome prejudice, isolation and vulnerability. It is also our objective to make the public aware of Roma culture, heritage and current situation of Roma refugees and migrants in the UK through cultural and informative events and publications.

Our vision

Roma communities are empowered through the realisation that their strength lies within every Roma individual and his/her fulfilment as a member of society.