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24th edition, September 2018:


  • Roma & Brexit: Report on a Joint All Party Parliamentary Group roundtable event
  • Settled? Avoiding pitfalls and maximising potential for those seeking post-Brexit settled status
  • Fear mounts as Roma prepare to apply for post-Brexit settled status in the UK
  • Why are children being treated as adults by the government on Brexit?
  • A survival guide to child protection for Roma parents
  • Monitoring the UK government’s virtually non-existent National Roma Integration Strategy
  • Select committee inquiry: tackling inequalities faced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities

23rd edition, May 2018:


  • Under GDPR, we want to explain how we are respecting your privacy – and hopefully, your continued receipt of our newsletter
  • First speech by a Labour MP – Kate Green – explicitly supporting Roma communities in the UK
  • UN special Rapporteur finds post-Brexit racism in the UK – and makes criticisms of the treatment of Roma (and Gypsy and Traveller) people in the UK
  • The government’s independent review of school exclusions, and our evidence to the inquiry
  • Latest Roma cultural awareness training; 10 July in Central London
  • “Unsettled status” – Migration Observatory report, their conclusions
  • Meeting: “The Rights of the Roma – the struggle of citizenship in post war Czechoslovakia”; 30 May in Central London
  • Glasgow Roma – an unusually good article in the mainstream press from a Scottish reporter; Roma young photographers; a pictorial guide to “Knowing Roma; ten facts that people should know about Roma” produced by Friends of Romano Lav (Glasgow); and a job vacancy in Glasgow
  • “If you could do one thing….to support integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers”. Roma young children in Bradford; and Roma youth in Slough

22nd edition, March 2018:


  • RSG’s concerns about the government’s Race Disparity Audit
  • RSG’s video about Hate Crime – made with the Met Police in Newham
  • The latest Roma Support group training for professionals
  • Some news about school exclusions, and the absence of Roma students in UK universities
  • The BBC Three documentary about Roma families in Hungary – the cycle from poverty imposed by far right functionaries, via racist social workers, to disinterested children’s home staff – ending with Roma young people fending for themselves, separated from their families
  • News of an important victory against the UK government which prevents the Home Office from removing EU nationals who are forced to sleep rough – they are not breaking their right to live and work in the UK because they are homeless and in the open
  • And the last meeting of the National Roma Network