Training: Introduction to Roma culture, history and tradition

Who is it for?

This course is designed for all professionals who are working with the Roma community and require an understanding about their culture. This would include social workers, teachers, police officers, researchers, c campaigners, activists, etc.


What is it about?

The course provides a solid introduction to the key issues related to the Roma community. Roma community’s historical overview as well as cultural background will be provided and set in current context of their life in the UK. We will look how this information can be applied in order to improve engagement with the community.

Trainers will use power point presentation, visual materials and facilitate case studies discussions. Each trainee will receive a copy of the training presentation and relevant hand-outs for future reference.


What will you get out of it?

  • Gain knowledge of the Roma community including their origins, brief history, history of Roma communities’ arrivals in the UK, cultural customs and taboos
  • Gain understanding of barriers experienced by Roma community members in accessing mainstream services
  • Understand the cultural difference in order to aid engagement and communication with the Roma individuals and families
  • Explore good practice models in working effectively with Roma individuals and families



“As a result of this training I am planning to promote a Roma intervention programme in order to improve understanding of Roma culture and the needs of the Roma community and to reduce crime.”

– Metropolitan Police officer


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