Terms and Conditions

RSG encourages the free flow of information and ideas that promotes social, civil and economic fairness and justice. Where not explicitly stated to the contrary, RSG holds all legal title to written text, graphic images and general design of items on this site. RSG gives permission for you to distribute and or display on a ‘not for profit’ basis all text articles obtained directly from this website.

Graphic logos of other bodies have been used on this site to promote that organisation. We will remove these upon request. Copyright for these logos remain with the respective organisation.

Explicit written (not via email) permission is required from RSG for the re-use elsewhere of any graphic images or multimedia files if such permission is not given on this site. Copyright for all photographs remains with its author. Unless permission for re-use is given by RSG, you will need to apply to the author for the right to use that image.

When you use substantive research material from RSG, we would welcome a copy of the final product such as a book/pamphlet, article, leaflet, broadcast or multi-media tape or DVD. Also, if possible, permission to use this material to promote our work. An acknowledgement of us as a source for research material would be most welcome as well.