Roma Culture Workshops for Schools


Learn about and celebrate Roma heritage, history and culture! The Roma Support Group invites you on a unique journey to explore the vibrant traditions and culture of the Roma people and promote an understanding and appreciation of Roma heritage.


Our workshops for children and young people are both educational and fun. They provide a wonderful opportunity to meet Roma people and experience their culture through story-telling, traditional music and dance instructions.


Each workshop is usually attended by approx. 30 children, who have a chance to show off their newly learnt dance skills in front of the school assembly alongside Roma musicians and dancers.


Key Stage 1/2/3 can be adapted on request.


Cost: £450 per workshop (duration 1 hr 30 min); additional travelling expenses required if out of London.

For booking and enquiries, please phone Andy on 07930 500 971 or Sylvia on 07949 089 778.


Feedback from teachers


“Excellent opportunity for children to learn practically about another culture. Not only did the children learn more about Roma culture but so did I.”

“It was fun and education for children and adults. … I would recommend this workshop as I feel that this culture is vastly misunderstood and this is the way, which will help to address it.”

“The workshop had a fantastic balance of fun and education. It was also creative and inspirational. The style of teaching encouraged the ‘shy’ children to come out of their shell.”

“I enjoyed it (almost as much as the children)! Great for integration and a good opportunity for children to learn about another culture. The children were totally engaged by the practical sessions and loved the music. 100% participation”



Feedback from children


“I thought that the workshop was fantastic because it was big and the things that you used were great. I think that the Roma people should go to other schools because it is not fair if we get to do fun things but others don’t.” (class 4W)

“I like every single bit, but more than anything else, I liked when our group performed in front of other people. I had lots of fun and I would like to learn more about Roma dance.” (age 10)

“It was the best thing I have ever done. I liked everything that I have learnt and would love to learn more. I also liked watching everyone else dance, including Mr Brown” (age 10)

“It was really cool and fun! I liked the dancing best though it was hard. Who would know that Roma culture can be so fascinating?” (age 11)