Sport Inclusion

Football and Karate Project

Sport Inclusion Project enables Roma children and young people to explore opportunities, develop new skills while combating social exclusion and marginalisation. The Project encourages Roma beneficiaries to invite their non-Roma friends, class mates and neighbours in order to enhance integration of Roma children and contribute to community cohesion through sport.

During the past year the Roma Support Group has run sport and leisure activities, which aimed at developing children’s self-esteem, confidence and empowered them to make positive choices in life. In 2010-11 our weekly sport programme included:

  • football training for Roma children and young people, under 11’s and 11-24 years old
  • organising friendly matches with other teams, football tournaments and participating in league matches
  • indoor sport activities in East London
  • karate training sessions
  • organising half-term break activities

Last year, the various activities of our project involved approx. 60 Roma children and youth in East London. Our football project has also moved strategically towards a closer collaboration with partners, such as Kick It Out, Wanstead Playing Fields and Essex FA.

Our karate club has achieved in preparing several young Roma and non-Roma people to become champions during local and national karate competitions where they are frequently awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals, earning a high reputation for the club.