Robert Dawson Collection

The Roma Support Group is very pleased that Robert Dawson, one of Britain’s foremost experts on Gypsy history and culture, has donated part of the Robert Dawson Romany Collection to the organisation.

Assembled over many years, the Collection includes many unique items documenting and illustrating aspects of Gypsy, Traveller and Roma life over many decades. The Collection has been shared between five other institutions as well as ourselves.

Robert has donated to the Roma Support Group his extensive collection of some 300 postcards and photos of non-UK Roma, fifteen prints, almost fifty specialist journals or books and several sundry items. Most European countries are represented, especially Eastern European with strength in Hungary, Romania and Russia but there are significant items from the Middle East and India too.  Almost fifty photos were taken during the First World War and some clearly show German Gypsy soldiers.

The Roma Support Group would like to make their part of the Robert Dawson Collection available by appointment as a vital new resource for those with Roma forebears, as well as academic researchers working in the area of Roma history.

If you have further enquiries about the Collection please contact us via our usual mailbox.

See also our guidelines to using the RSG Robert Dawson Collection.