Policy and Campaigning


The Roma Policy & Campaigning project aims to promote social justice and address disadvantage experienced by Roma refugees and migrants in the UK, specifically to:

  1. Enhance social inclusion and civic partnership of Roma refugees and migrants by developing Roma-led campaigning work;
  2. To increase Roma participation in local decision making processes;
  3. To encourage practice that is more responsive to the needs of Roma migrants; and
  4. To influence and co-shape national and European policies which affect Roma refugees and migrants, ensuring that their voice/perspective is effectively communicated to the UK Government, European Union, statutory sector, the media and other key stakeholders.


This is achieved through activities such as:

  1. Support and training for Roma advocates;
  2. Facilitating Roma-led peer advocacy;
  3. Facilitating the Roma Refugee and Migrant Forum (RRMF) in London;
  4. Creating opportunities for Roma advocates to meet with local authorities, services and policy makers to ensure that Roma voices are publicly both spoken and heard; and
  5. Providing statutory and non-statutory agencies with information about the needs of Roma migrants based on evidence from RRMF, Roma focus group meetings and our casework;
  6. Highlighting the successful development of Roma communities throughout the country working together to achieve greater Roma integration in the UK.


Our regular and varied contact with Roma families, particularly in London but also throughout the country, gives us a great responsibility. This includes the need to empower Roma community members themselves to speak to decision-makers about their experiences. The project recognises that the world can be a better place if Roma communities are acknowledged, included and become successful.


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