Roma Aspiration Project

The beneficiaries of the Roma Aspiration Project have also taken part in various seasonal activities (e.g.: dance and music performances, sport events) and outings to Kids’ Cookery School, Richmond Park, paintballing and a murder mystery day at a local police station.

The differences made by the Project in the lives of beneficiaries last year are evidenced by an increase in the level of their satisfaction with educational attainment; enjoying their schools and increased self-confidence in their chosen areas of interest, such as: sport and arts. The beneficiaries have also made progress in their health awareness through their participation in health related events, sporting and physical activities.
Of the total number of beneficiaries supported through one-to-one education advocacy:

  • 20% show reduced truancy and challenging behaviour;
  • None have been permanently excluded from school;
  • 100% successfully transitioned from primary to secondary school and remain in full time education (in contrast to the national dropout rate of 20% for Gypsy/Roma children);
  • 90% aged 16-18 progressed to further education.

The Project also supports young Roma from local schools to undertake work experience. One student commented that “over the past week I have learnt new things which I think will be really useful for me in the future. I also had a chance to observe advice appointments, help fill in forms and make telephone calls. I got to see what types of problems my community faces here in the UK and how these can be dealt with. I would like to work in an office like Roma Support Group when I leave school”.

“My volunteering experience in the RSG office was fantastic. I was treated like an adult. I would not have this opportunity anywhere else… The RSG made me proud to be Roma.” (Young Roma, 16 years old)

Some of our Aspiration Project activities