Forum Theatre Project

We ran a Roma Forum Theatre Project over a period of 8 months (May – Dec 2011), with the aim of empowering the Roma community through theatre-based interventions.

It consisted of group workshops including theatre games, constructing images using the body, creating characters and rehearsing devised scenes. The local Roma and non-Roma community members (23 core participants) who were involved in this Project expressed the need to focus and work on their everyday social and health issues in a creative way.

The Forum Theatre rehearsals led to the staging of three final performances across the London Borough of Newham, at the NHS Take Five Event, Roma Support Group AGM, Young Roma Forum Event. The final performances encouraged audiences’ interactions and explored specific issues experienced by the Roma community in the borough of Newham.


“Brilliant! … The play demonstrated the compunded impact of discrimination and poor service on vulnerable people. Using interactive forum theatre is a very powerful model.” – Social worker, London Borough of Redbridge