Promoting Roma musicians and artists

The Olympic year created a swirl of cultural/ art events across the capital and Roma musicians of all ages benefited from this artistic buzz as live music performers thus contributing to the Olympic effort and sharing Roma heritage. Between June-September 2012, Roma artists supported by our Project, (e.g.: Gypsy Stars, Roma Voices and Romany Diamonds) took part in 34 events (concerts and workshops), reached approx. 4,000 people, making the wider public understand and appreciate Roma music and dance.

The venues/events included: Hackney Town Hall, Hackney Library, Homerton Library, RichMix, Pleasure Gardens, Chelsea Theatre, In-Transit Festival, Edmonton Culture Festival, Newham Olympic Torch Parade, Ealing Global Music Festival, Newham-Live, Stadium Island, BT London Live in Victoria Park.

In the summer of 2013, Roma artists had a joint-performance with Gurt Lush Choir and St Mary Redcliffe School All-Stars Symphony Orchestra performing in Colston Hall (Bristol). They also performed in Leicester, Nottingham and in the Olympic Park, outreaching in total 950 people.

One of the Roma artists stated after her performance in Bristol: “I have dreamt all my life to hear Roma music performed by a “real” Orchestra and sang by a “real” choir. The effect was astonishing and the fact that I could contribute to it was something that exceeded my life dreams.”