Aspiration Project

“What I love the most about my school is learning! – Young Roma, 13 years old

“We are just too scared to say we are Roma. We need help and support of ‘others’ in order to be able to admit our identity” – Young Roma, 17 years old

The Aspiration Project is a continuation of the work which was carried out under the previous education project.

The Roma Aspiration Project aims to increase life aspirations of Roma children and young people; enhance their confidence and increase their health awareness and well-being. Last year, 97 beneficiaries were supported through one-to-one education advocacy, outreach work and a programme of after-school activities involving football, karate, dance, music classes, home tutorials and homework club.


Roma Dance and Fitstep Project

The Roma Dance and Fitstep Project took place between September and November 2016 and was funded by the Sportivate programme at Sport England. See our separate page for further information.


Education: a Roma Perspective

In March 2016 we published a new resource, Education: a Roma Perspective. This resource is based on 17 years of projects working with Roma children, young people and their families in the area of education, aspiration and mentoring. During this time we have come across a number of inspiring young people and the dedicated professionals working to support them. However, regrettably, we continue to see situations where successful engagement can be complex and challenging.

The purpose of this resource is therefore to introduce the Roma community to those who are unfamiliar; to provide basic practical information with a view to professionals going on to develop their own understanding and body of resources; but most importantly: to give Roma young people a voice.


Further information about our Aspiration Project

Read more about the Roma Aspiration Project and some of our activities.