Training: Positive interventions for Roma in education context

Who is it for?

Professionals working in education including: teachers, TAs, EWOs, mentors, educational psychologists, etc.


What is it about?

The course provides a brief introduction to the key issues related to the Roma community and explains how to apply this knowledge in engaging Roma children and their families with educational system. The course will also look into historical overview in education contexts and how institutionally racist practices in countries of Eastern Europe impacted on Roma’s experiences and engagement within education system. We will then look into models of good practice and ways of overcoming disadvantages and raising educational attainment of Roma children and young people.

Trainers will use power point presentation, visual materials and facilitate case studies discussions. Each trainee will receive a copy of the training presentation and relevant hand-outs for future reference.


What will you get out of it?

  • Gain basic knowledge of the Roma community including their origins, brief history, history of Roma communities’ arrivals in the UK, cultural customs and taboos
  • Gain understanding about reasons for low educational achievement
  • Learn about successful models of engagement with the community and way of raising educational attainment


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