> Roma Support Group issues statement following outcome of UK referendum on EU membership

The Roma Support Group has issued a statement following the outcome of the referendum on EU membership:

“This is a difficult time.  The majority of people in the UK have said that they want to leave the European Union.  This will have an impact on the Roma communities throughout the UK.  Roma families have made contributions to this country for many years; through their work and their payment of taxes.  Whether they have been born in the UK, or are nationals from other EU countries, Roma women, men and children have rights to live here and to work here.  These rights still exist.  They can only be removed by an act of Parliament.  These rights enable Roma to live and work in the UK, to have their families and dependants with them in the UK, to live in safety – free from harassment – in the UK and for them and their children to use public services (schools and health services) just as any of other UK citizen can do.  None of this is changing at present. If and when it does change all Roma communities in the UK will be aware.  We ask you to be vigilant for yourselves, and for others.  Do not take any hasty decisions. You have every right to live and work and be happy in the UK.  Exercise your rights.”

Roza Kotowicz, Chair
Sylvia Ingmire, Chief Executive
Roma Support Group
30 June 2016


We are putting together some information for organisations and individuals who, like ourselves, are struggling to come to terms with the implications and possible ramifications of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union:

  • Our Brexit Statements page includes our own statement (as above) and one issued by Migrants Organise
  • Our Brexit Information page links to further statements from other organisations, blogs, briefings and other documentation relating to Brexit. We will continue to add content to this page as more information becomes available
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