2012 November – “From India to Islington” exhibition at Islington Museum

The Roma Support Group organised an exhibition at the Islington Museum: “From India to Islington: A 1,000-year Roma Journey”.

See the webpage below which publicised the event and this flyer which gives more details.


Friday 30 November
Islington Museum
245 St John Street, EC1V 4NB

Dates of Exhibition: Friday 28th September to Saturday 1 December (Private View: Thursday 27 September)

Where: Islington Museum, 245 St. John Street, London EC1V 4NB


Explore the Roma culture through this beautiful exhibition that we organised at the Islington Museum. Written and oral histories, along with photographic works by young Roma  refugees, give a fascinating window into a culture of which many people in Britain have little knowledge. Music, art, fashion and life in London are all themes that are examined to take you on a journey to experience the essence of Roma culture. The amazing paths that have lead these people from India all the way to Islington today are a celebration of life, family and expectations for the future.


From Indian to Islington events


A night with Tatcho Drom

Friday 12 October

Come and celebrate the exhibition by spending a night in the company of the fantastic Tatcho Drom, part of the London Gypsy, at Islington Museum.


Children’s events


Caravan Craft

Tuesday 23 October

Drop-in event

To celebrate our fantastic exhibition on Roma culture we are building a big Roma road. Come along to Islington Museum and help us design, draw and decorate horse drawn caravans and tell us about your journeys.


Roma Journeys

Friday 26 October

Explore some of the fascinating aspects of Roma culture with our story telling extravaganza! From dance to art find out about Roma traditions with this hands-on workshop.


A series of associated events will take place during October and November. These will include films, live music and talks.

Keep an eye on Islington museum website for further information on these events.




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Responsible for developing the Roma Art & Culture Project through fundraising, creating and delivering music and art initiatives with and for our Roma clients; supporting young Roma people to access appropriate music/art training; promoting Roma music and art through organising events.